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kkm_girls's Journal

Fans of the Ladies of Kyou Kara Maou!
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lovely and dangerous

the ladies of kyou kara maou

introduction »
kkm_girls is, as it's name suggests, the first community on LiveJournal completely dedicated to the girls from the anime and novel series Kyou Kara Maou. It's a small group for the time being but we hope to grow in size because the girls of this series are awesome and deserve lots of love! This community will contain spoilers for the OVAs, the third season, as well as the video games and novels, so please be aware of that when you join. Now, what is there to do here? Well, you can have discussions concerning any of the girls, ask questions about them (such as asking for canon info on their background and such) and we will do our best to help you out, post fanfic, fanart, icons, all that typical community stuff. We hope you enjoy your stay~

rules »
There aren't many rules for this community, but like all communities, there have to at least be a few. So here we go~
» First off, try and be civil to each other. That isn't to say you can't express your opinions, we're not out to censor you, but the last thing we want is to end up on Fandom_Wank, so when expressing your opinions do it in a tactful and polite manner. It's insane to think everyone will agree on every topic and will all get along, but just think about what you type before posting. Debates, discussion = GOOD! Wank and bitching = BAD.
» Spoiler warning and LJ cutting spoilers for the third season or the novels is a must. If you make a post with spoilers for either of these that are either unmarked or un-cut, you will not get a warning, it will be deleted. Not everyone has immediate access to the the new episodes of the third season or the novels. Please be courteous to those people.
» Label all fics, fanart, and icon posts accordingly. I don't think I need to make a template to show you what is acceptable or expected, as long as you give us the pairing and rating and summary and a working link. And again, label for spoilers.
» If you have an issue with something in the community that you feel needs to be addressed, PLEASE CONTACT ME! Don't just grin and bear it or be silent, I'm here to try my best and make this community as enjoyable as possible for everyone and you should never feel like you have to hold anything back from me. If you ever need to contact me, I'm easily reached, my AIM is prince girlyboy or you can contact me via email at painting.roses.red@hotmail.com. If you choose to e-mail me, please put something in your subject line to let me know it's about the community. Now, that being said, please keep in mind that while I am your mod, I'm also not your parent. I do have a life outside of this community and as such cannot be here to keep an eye on you all every second of every day. As such, when a situation arises, I encourage all of you to try and resolve the issue yourselves. That can be a very hard thing to ask, but I don't think I'm asking too much when I say please so some maturity. If I'm gone for a day and come back to find wankfeast going on, I will be extremely disappointed. So please, try not to let that happen.
» And of course, just enjoy yourselves! This community and this series is supposed to be fun, not super serious business, so just have fun with it!

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